Ukraine flies its neo-Nazi colors — with its arrest of truth-blogging US citizen — Gonzalo Lira

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07 May 2023



Brian Berletic covered the facts of Lira's arrest (in Kharkov)


See here:



The New Atlas, Ukraine Jails US Commentator Gonzalo Lira for Speaking Uncomfortable Facts, You Tube (06 May 2023)



Naturally, the US . . .


. . . who put these neo-Nazis in power in Ukraine and continues to fund and militarily support them — said nothing in opposition to Ukraine's attempt to obliterate truth.


Imagine how easy it would be for the United States to get Lira out of Ukrainian custody:



No more money and arms for you, Zelensky, if y'all don't let Lira loose.



The moral? — Disgust with the United States' betrayal of . . .


. . . World War 2's anti-Nazi generation, as well as our own alleged Free Speech standard, is the only appropriate (1776-1789 American Patriot) emotion.


Meanwhile, super-truth-teller Julian Assange continues to be imprisoned at the United States' direction.


Consistently murderous, serially tyrannical — these neocon vermin are.