US treachery toward its own Greatest Generation — Scott Ritter's summary

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11 May 2022



Exactly as I see it


Scott Ritter and I share emotional attachments to the World War 2 American cemetery in Hamm and the German one in Sandweiler. Both in Luxembourg.


One cannot go to either resting place and not feel the cost that Nazism extracted.


The American cemetery is exquisitely maintained. The German one not, except at random individual graves, presumably cared for by the occupant(s)' descendants.


This contrast in grounds-maintenance is a sad one. Ritter indirectly touches on it with a reference to the German forgetfulness after the war — as he experienced it, while he was a US military family child stationed in-country, during the late 1970s.


Of the forgetfulness topic — and regarding the currently occurring Russo-Ukrainian War, which is also aimed (by Russians) at eliminating Nazi ideology — Ritter recently wrote that:



There was a time when the United States and Soviet Union fought together to overcome the scourge of Nazi Germany and the ideology it espoused.


Today, when Russia is locked in a struggle with the progeny of Hitler’s Germany, in the form of the ideological descendants of the Ukrainian nationalist, Stepan Bandera – one would logically expect that the United States to be on Moscow's side.


Bander's followers fought alongside German Nazis as members of the Waffen SS, slaughtering tens of thousands of innocent civilians, many of them Jewish.


By rights, Washington should be ensuring that the hateful cause so many had given their lives and livelihoods to eradicate from Europe never again raised its evil banners on European soil.


Instead, the United States is providing succor to the present-day adherents of Bandera, and by extension, Hitler; their hateful ideology disguised as Ukrainian nationalism.


American military personnel . . . are today providing weapons and training to Ukrainians whose bodies and banners bear the markings of Hitler’s Third Reich.


[T]he struggle against Nazi ideology continues to this day and, sadly, the United States finds itself on the wrong side of history, supporting those whom we once were sworn to defeat, while fighting against those whom we once called allies.


I can’t help but think that Tom Brokow’s “Greatest Generation” would be ashamed by the actions of those for whom they sacrificed everything, and who have still proven insufficient for the task of honoring their memory in action and in deed.


© 2022 Scott Ritter, An open letter to the American people, as Russia celebrates its WW2 victory over the Nazis, RT (09 May 2022)



I am significantly older than Ritter


My father, who fought Nazis, told me about his reactions to what was revealed in the Russian and American-liberated Third Reich concentration camps.


I have been to Auschwitz-Birkenau. I have read the histories. Including those which record Nazi elimination of millions of non-Jewish Untermensch.


The Eastern Front — the one where approximately 27 million Russians and Soviets died (not to mention everyone else) — was Hell on Earth.


For me, the United States' current treachery toward my American and European Nazi-fighting forebears is more than just sad. It is revolting.


This treachery against Decency and Past Sacrifice is an indication of the present-day American Plutocracy's unalloyed evil.



The moral? — One cannot legitimately speak of Nazi ideology, without using a Manichean framework


In 2021, American leadership has placed itself, voluntarily, on metaphorical Satan's side.


How does that sit with you?


Do we really want to watch our children die in the even larger neo-Nazi-supporting war that US and EU leaders are rabidly pushing the planet toward?