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Two lying twerps — typify the Collective West's mental and moral rot (19 June 2024)


United Kingdom poll demonstrates — complete disrespect for the Soviet Union's vastly predominant contribution to World War 2's anti-Nazi victory (10 June 2024)

Miasma of lies and mind-butchery surrounds us in the Collective West (29 May 2024)

Insouciant — Paul Craig Roberts' word for the US public — fits our pack of slaughter-approving puppet-dummies (23 May 2024)

Why would Iran put important people on a single helicopter — and then fly it through mountain fog — to a basically unimportant event? (20 May 2024)

No arrogance like US and NATO arrogance — knuckle-dragging stupidity that defies rational comprehension (28 April 2024)

Netanyahu should be dangling from a Nuremberg Trials-style rope — instead, he's trying to eliminate human decency in the United States (25 Apr 2024)

Russian op-ed's accurate take on Germany's buffoon chancellor — Olaf Scholz (17 April 2024)

Cowardly University of Southern California favored genocide and censorship over free speech — on the veiled excuse that potential violence should dismember Liberty (17 April 2024)

Arrogant lunacy, it's the Western way? — a comment about Reuters' propagandizing nonsense (16 April 2024)

Japan's prime minister Fumio Kishida distorted history — while eagerly licking the United States' imperial boot (14 April 2024)

NATO confesses to its murderously predatory cowardice (04 April 2024)

Guyana's president — Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali — ass-punted hypocritically nauseating English reporter, Stephen Sackur (03 April 2024)

History's serially repeating US-generated lie — dominoes will fall, so let's start another war (01 April 2024)

Perceptive? — Evgeny Khalilov, regarding American culture (30 March 2024)

US congress will invite Zionism's genocidal maniac Netanyahu — to address our like-minded Legislative Branch (24 March 2024)

Fun with words — Chebureki Man on X (16 March 2024)

Caitlin Johnstone synopsized the US political parties' anti-Islamic personas (16 March 2024)

American partisanship and the inability to think — are we all 'gonna' die? (13 March 2024)

"Toria, you sweet thing" — her name, alone, indicates the nature of the mass murdering puke bowl that she comes from (07 March 2024)

Good summary of the United States' murder-in-progress of Julian Assange — Connor O'Keeffe (22 February 2024)

Sheep so stupid, that they happily strangle themselves — Is the United States "a country of fat morons"? (12 February 2024)

Russian press and politicians have character — unlike the United States' always lying propagandists (27 January 2024)

Contemplate the gall of these people — say Tom Woods and Stephen Karganovic — when writing about the Globalist propaganda machine and the robotic nitwits who control it (22 January 2024)

Jeffrey Sachs succinctly summarized how the massively corrupt United States works (09 January 2024)

In summary, Western Civilization is gone — Alastair Crooke speaking to Andrew Napolitano (03 January 2024)

Insightfully accurate swipe at US neoliberalism — Belén Fernández — "The US is no country for old men" (26 December 2023)

Coincidentally timed despair — from Donald Jeffries, Paul Craig Roberts and me — regarding the lobotomized sheep, who visibly burst the seams of American society (24 December 2023)

Is the Great Reset plotting to turn the United States into a bottomless vat of mewling dumbshits? (20 December 2023)

Should we let Western civilization dismember and gut itself — so as to preserve Humanity's hope for wellbeing? (11 December 2023)

Pseudonym 'Gaius Baltar' — writing at Larry Johnson's sonar21 dot com blog — explained the cultural mechanisms underlying the Collective West's suicide (04 August 2023)

Is J. B. Shurk's prescription for 'remembering' — a shield — with which to crush the Deep State's globalist-inspired tyranny? (04 July 2023)

Caitlin Johnstone's take on being surrounded by BS (22 May 2023)

BS charge of antisemitism — intentionally shackles people's ability to think (18 May 2023)

Special Counsel John Durham's report — and US corruption (16 May 2023)

Americans' sheepy stupidity reigns, regarding China — happily occasionally punctuated — by a few lone wolves' still-functioning brains (19 April 2023)

Three insight-filled quotes — and a cited essay — about our down-the-rathole United States (03 April 2023)

An eloquent Ghanaian deflates the United States' — abysmally ignorant self-importance (03 June 2022)

Uvalde shootings — might Caitlin Johnstone's sour assessment of the United States be correct? (26 May 2022)

Israel in a videoed nutshell (14 May 2022)

Andrew Mitrovica's — American fatigue syndrome — describes the situation (06 May 2022)

Does reflexively calling Vladimir Putin "a brutal thug" — make one a virtuous person with globally valid insights? (15 February 2022)

Beijing's Winter Olympics may prove to be a losing proposition for totalitarian China (07 February 2022)

Were the conniving yanquis cowardly? — World Cup qualifier against Honduras — was held in Minnesota at minus 2 degrees Fahrenheit, on purpose (03 February 2022)

Is US suffering from mass psychoses? — seems so (21 November 2021)

Racial bias is overcome, we are told — by advancing non-pale people into positions of power — where they quickly demonstrate that they are just as viciously stupid as 'white' men (20 November 2021)

Matthew Walther's proposed new holiday — "Festival of Incompetence" — such a tasty sourness (11 November 2021)

Presidential approval ratings — let's draw some conclusions about Homo sapiens (09 November 2021)

Gotta laugh — COVID buried the United States' JFK assassination files — according to Puppet Joe and Gang (05 November 2021)

Pew poll — world no longer sees US democracy as a good example (02 November 2021)

It is always a temporary glitch, huh? — Sunday Morning's propagandized look at our current supply chain problem (18 October 2021)

American sheep march in lockstep — Stacey Rudin's comment about that trait is accurate (02 October 2021)

Drowning in the Great American Propaganda Deluge — some air would be nice (09 September 2021)

Easy-to-make mistakes in interpreting a 'sister' culture's motivations — Patrick Cockburn, regarding alleged American racism (10 August 2021)

How foolish outrage is manufactured — for instance, regarding Naomi Osaka and Kamala 'Backdoor' Harris (01 June 2021)

A metaphor about US nutsness — welds a satire about Israel — to Peter Santenello's video about incentivized law-breaking at the US-Mexico border (08 May 2021)

Laissez faire corporatism executes the wellbeing of everything it touches — two toxicity metaphors (01 May 2021)

Reading some publications — is like immersing oneself in pools of distilled stupidity (28 April 2021)

Wimpification of America — y'all think this is going to end well? (18 April 2021)

Cancel culture's stupidity — suicides brain function (30 March 2021)

How do empty-skulled dunces — like the NCAA's gender-discriminating March Madness administrative folk — still exist in America? (21 March 2021)

Accusation is enough — evidence and a sense of History's flow are not necessary — thus 'we' disappear six Dr. Seuss books (02 March 2021)

China lands one on the braggart's snout — 'winter toilet' Texas becomes the bad example that highlights the PRC's success — ouch (25 February 2021)

Chris Hedges' observations about Cancel Culture — my Niemöllerian comment (15 February 2021)

Nice gesture from First Lady Jill Biden — symbolically small stuff matters (23 January 2021)

What does one do with flocks of bloodthirsty sheep? — mauled pollster Frank Luntz says that he does not know (22 January 2021)

Contradicting myself — did Trump rioters' Capitol invasion — not come from self-entitled mindset — but instead from democracy-supporting virtue? (09 January 2021)

The American way is self-entitlement? — Win McNamee's photograph sums it, for both Trump and BLM rioters (08 January 2021)

Vox — a Democratic Party propaganda organ — look at its code speak (15 December 2020)

It's official, Americans are stupider than fecal mass — roughly half want Trump to run again — and God only knows about the rest (24 November 2020)

For brain relief, flee the "booboisie" — a prescription (23 November 2020)

In the developed West, rationality has fled — in favor of an unending stream of assertions about bias (12 October 2020)

Art of making a bad name for oneself — BLM "protesters" burning out innocents (26 August 2020)

Lamestream Axios nitwit — Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian — smeared The Grayzone, without a bit of evidence (12 August 2020)

We're COVID's worst place? — using Business Insider as an example of Establishment mindlessness (25 July 2020)

Cancel culture has us renaming birds now — evidently, so that people can feel "safe" (23 July 2020)

Ultimately, it isnt our leaders' fault? — sardonic wisdom from blogger "jtree" (16 July 2020)

Confederacy was not treasonous, Larry Johnson? — stupidity's bell peals loud (13 July 2020)

New York Times is hugely lying (again) — even according to its own numbers and COVID context (08 July 2020)

Identity politics — where fundamentally disintegrating societies go to die? (17 May 2020)

How far the fakely mighty United States has fallen — during the COVID pandemic (31 March 2020)

American media are trying to kill 79 year old Dr. Anthony Fauci — by overworking him (30 March 2020)

A story about kayaks — and — retailers making American manufacturers' lives miserable (26 February 2020)

Two voracious American stupidities — Donald Trump and the Deep State (25 February 2020)

With COVID-19 — China is demonstrating its "get things done" advantage over the "West" (16 February 2020)

The vacuous — "capitalism is better than corporatism" — distinction (23 January 2020)

Sean Illing's perspective — on our land of propaganda-tethered sheep (17 January 2020)

Kind'a scary how completely the Lamestream distorts or omits news (23 December 2019)

Consider car-pulled trailer designs from other countries — is US manufacturing less inspired? (02 December 2019)

Intelligent cultural insights from — William Astore, Ron Paul and Baruch Pletner (25 November 2019)

Leakers and spies — the United States' totalitarian perspective (01 November 2019)

Visas and the International Astronautical Congress — the United States' petty Adam Henry-ism (23 October 2019)

Former diplomat Craig Murray's account — of the torture and kangaroo-courting of Julian Assange (22 October 2019)

Speaking of institutionalized government malfeasance and PG&E (17 October 2019)

California — oligarchy's triumph over societal common sense (15 October 2019)

A lazy American public? — Paul Craig Roberts' perspective (25 September 2019)

Institutional censorship — James Flynn's losing bout with his publisher — is indicative of our mealy-mouthed times (24 September 2019)

167 year old quote is still true — is it just that power corrupts? (23 September 2019)

Vicious American hypocrisy in action again — this time with the Solomon Islands (22 September 2019)

Japan is corrupt — like the United States — a follow up to the Fukushima nuclear power disaster (19 September 2019)

When someone uses terms like "post-modernism" — you can stop reading or listening — and probably retain a clear conscience (08 September 2019)

Capitalism's rampaging greed negatively affects our ability to think (05 September 2019)

American working class has forgotten the "labor" reference in Labor Day (01 September 2019)

The American press — favors coverage of Hong Kong's protests — over France's much more relevant "yellow vest" uprising (28 August 2019)

Always wanting more — the fight over Mauna Kea (02 August 2019)

Andrew Bacevich, too, has lost faith — in the United States (31 July 2019)

California's Gilroy "garlic festival" shooting — typical American stuff (29 July 2019)

Aged life is punctuated with other people's deaths — a reflection on Rutger Hauer's passing (24 July 2019)

Another victory — for the world's gleaming tide of fascist dumb-heads — the resignation of the British ambassador to the United States, Kim Darroch (10 July 2019)

Crooks are stealing catalytic converters now — and it is still illegal to shoot them — does that make societal sense? (09 July 2019)

If China sees us so clearly, why can't we? (08 July 2019)

Lamentable state of America? (07 July 2019)

Craigslist — demonstrating why the planet is going to heck (01 July 2019)

An Establishment conspiracy to silence Truth? — maybe so — an example regarding Julian Assange (27 June 2019)

Harsh paragraphs about the United States — are they accurate enough to act upon? (05 June 2019)

Should American culture go extinct — in arguably deserved retribution for societally approved viciousness? (04 June 2019)

Higher socioeconomic class encourages overconfidence — which, inanely, people respect (30 May 2019)

Passivity, cowardice and evil — a comment on Paul Craig Roberts' essay (20 May 2019)

Ronaldo gave Palestine $1.5 million for Ramadan — Lamestream ignored the news (18 April 2019)

Is China the problem — or is it American capitalism's greed? (16 May 2019)

"Liberal" author and former Congressional aide — Mike Lofgren's — biting criticism of the American public is funny — but is it fair? (11 May 2019)

Societal values, what are those? — a hint from William Rivers Pitt (10 May 2019)

Fads and technological change steal your money by design — a Marxian bicycle parable (03 May 2019)

Is the United States suiciding on wall-to-wall stupidity? (24 April 2019)

Ironic, isn't it — that one who acts on the principle of a free press — is better off fleeing to Russia (11 April 2019)

Should American government actually serve the people? — Never! — an example from ProPublica (10 April 2019)

Air Force plans to war game the Idaho public from 10,000 feet — a tasty reflection of American "soul" (09 April 2019)

After pointing out that democracy does not work — Professor Steve Hochstadt called for more of it — so, let's talk about heads being up a blind ass (08 April 2019)


The United States in a nutshell — rich San Franciscans are using a GoFundMe campaign to raise money — to be used to— prevent a homeless shelter from coming to their neighborhood (29 March 2019)


Jason Torchinsky's account of his Amtrak trip is perfect — valuable in practical terms — and exquisite in delivering his larger-than-obvious insights (26 March 2019)


Donny Deutsch demonstrated how ridiculous the American Establishment is (20 March 2019)


They speak, write, think — and publish English — better than we do — sigh (13 March 2019)


Humanity evolved to lay waste to the biosphere — today's cheery blurb (09 March 2019)


Dark humor — Trump's widely believed criminality — Pelosi's cowering to Zionism — and oh-so disrespected American government (06 March 2019)


Did warmonger Max Boot recently say something mildly true? — a caveat (22 February 2019)


William Rivers Pitt on Presidents' Day — and my escalation of his bashing point (19 February 2019)


Grabbing the third rail just for fun — MAGA hats and writer Jaime O'Neill (05 February 2019)


Writer Jaime O'Neill used the boring 2019 Super Bowl — as a metaphor for American culture (04 February 2019)


Intelligent wit versus US rabble-babble? — Minister Lavrov's example (05 January 2019)


Is "conservative" author and commentator, Christopher Buskirk, a moron? — an unfortunate blurb makes it appear so (02 January 2019)




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