Germany - Living There 3 Years - a Travelog

German windows and shutters are better than most American designs (05 July 2017)



Birkenau's hidden parable (31 May 2017)



Deutsche Telekom Speedport W 724v ("typ" A) — wireless telephone and Internet router — a review (21 May 2017)



Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht — A German Moon’s Christmas Eve Stillness (25 December 2015)



Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery and Memorial — Cimetière Américain de Meuse-Argonne — a Visit on Veterans and Armistice Day 2015 (12 November 2015)



Smart Fortwo and Trailer — A Sight More Typical than Not in Germany — Where People Use their Fuel-Efficient Cars to Pull Whatever Needs Hauling (22 October 2015)



Comparative Culture — German Illogic on the 7.5 Kilometer Eibsee Rundweg — No Outhouses but Plenty of Trash Cans (05 September 2015)



Novelist Susan Abulhawa Saw Something True that Everyone Else Missed — “Merkel and the Palestinian Girl” — and My Larger Point that Our Actions and Omissions Have Consequences that We Intentionally Avoid Holding Ourselves Accountable for (21 July 2015)



Germany’s Characteristic Rigidity May Be on the Verge of Making the European Union Unattractive to Nations of Dissimilar Mind — Deutschland’s Treatment of Greece as a Prime Example (13 July 2015)



France Just Did Something Experimental and Possibly Helpful regarding Hunger — In Contrast, Consider How American Government Would Approach the Same Problem (29 May 2015)



An American Meets the German Autobahn (06 April 2015)



PCSing to Germany — Be Prepared for Some Short-Lasting Cultural Irritations (30 March 2015)



Bastogne War Museum, Belgium — a Must See for People Interested in World War II (01 December 2014)



Sandweiler (Luxembourg) German War Cemetery — Visited a Week after Deutschland’s Volkstrauertag — Germany’s National Day of Mourning (26 November 2014)



Klarstein 3MC Light Therapy Sunlight SAD Disorder Lamp Medical CE — 10000 LUX — Review (13 November 2014)



Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial — Veterans Day 2014 — Painful Transience (12 November 2014)



Reflection on Armistice Day — One War Ended by Planting Seeds for Another — What Is Not so Different Now (10 November 2014)



Germany — Scattered Initial Impressions (14 July 2014)



Germany — Observations about No Fee and Tourist Passports for American Military Families (08 July 2014)