Medicine and Science

A minor example of how to properly read and interpret medical literature (26 August 2023)



Congratulations to India for its never done by anyone before — Chandrayaan-3 south pole moon landing (23 August 2023)



US to COVID-test travelers from China Hong Kong and Macau — for no medically articulable reason (31 December 2022)



After the triumph of the (laughably non-vaccine natures) of anti-COVID mRNA vaccines . . . (18 November 2022)



Physician Suneel Dhand — regarding the corporatism-enslaved Centers for Disease Control (20 October 2022)



Did US Government conspire with Pfizer — to force an only marginally tested COVID vaccine — upon a public health-imprisoned American population? (13 October 2022)



FDA Commissioner Robert Califf — professionally dishonorable (15 September 2022)



FDA is (again) corrupt to its core — bivalent BA4-BA5 COVID vaccines (12 September 2022)



FDA's ridiculous pursuit of spirit distillers, who tried to help the public during COVID — is indicative of a larger problem (20 August 2022)



CDC never checked VAERS — to assess COVID-19 vaccines' harmful effects (09 July 2022)



COVID's stupidity fit — ain't learned nothin' — nohow (01 July 2022)



American COVID's vaccine rats will scurry for cover — a new study (24 June 2022)



Biologist Bret Weinstein's concise perspective — regarding the 'forces' involved in manufacturing humanity's COVID-19 disaster (08 June 2022)



CDC is so bad that sensible people would abolish it — a comment about corruption (06 June 2022)



Nation of Witchcraft appeals federal judge's decision to get us rid of useless anti-COVID travel masks — and a comment regarding similarly magic-based 4th dose COVID boosters (21 April 2022)



Are human institutions stupid on purpose? — consider China and its zero COVID policy (12 Apr 2022)



COVID vaccine syringe aspiration — even the basics got screwed up (20 February 2022)



Undegraded mRNA vaccines and their spike protein products survived in some people for at least 8 weeks — whether that's bad or good, no one knows (18 February 2022)



Centers for Disease Control just published a shockingly inept COVID mask study (06 February 2022)



When is COVID policy nonsense going to be recognized as such? (01 February 2022)



United Kingdom mortality data suggests that — COVID hysteria has been grossly overblown for the world's healthy population (23 January 2021)



Imbecilic CDC — finally (but obscurely) admits that — N95 respirators provide the best mask-protection against SARS-CoV-2 (15 January 2022)



CDC propagandized diabetes — as a pediatric health risk associated with COVID-19 — on the basis of a sloppily constructed and reasoned study (10 January 2022)



Vaccine passports — the United States' emerging social credit system — and a comment about my own COVID-19 perspective (06 January 2022)



Though SARS-CoV-2 is endemic — even the asymptomatic may have to prove that they are healthy — before they are allowed back into human circulation (03 January 2022)



Propaganda puppet Reuters — apparently made up its own COVID omicron data — alleging "concerns" about surging COVID hospitalizations among US children (31 December 2021)



COVID brainwashing — turns our ability to think into mush — Government's overreaction to omicron (29 December 2021)



NIH director Francis Collins' (finally released) October 2020 email — about instituting COVID-related mind control — indicatively received almost no coverage in the US press (26 December 2021)



Dementia Joe Biden is going full COVID hysteria — while South Africa says omicron variant is milder than earlier forms (22 December 2021)



Sad propaganda — based on the passing of a Texas man — who reportedly died from COVID omicron (21 December 2021)



Did CDC director Rochelle Walensky lie again? — while her incompetent agency separately proved that it cannot even count (20 December 2021)



Governments' COVID overreactions — are again escalating into society-destroying levels of aggressive stupidity (18 December 2021)



For males 12 to 40 — myocarditis risk from 2nd dose Moderna vaccine — is greater than myocarditis risk posed by SARS-CoV-2 (16 December 2021)



Israel health official about forevermore COVID-19 vaccine boosters — glorious Big Pharma profits to come! (10 December 2021)



COVID-19 era is — a contagious mass psychosis (07 December 2021)



COVID Maoism takes another step — US House passed a bill that — creates a central system to track our immunization records (03 December 2021)



Surprisingly high number of COVID vaccine adverse reaction reports — as compared to decades' worth of other vaccines — hmmm (02 December 2021)



Big Pharma's coming opportunity — mandated vaccinations for specific COVID variants — distributed by region (30 November 2021)



More government silliness — COVID travel bans — on a virus that has already spread from the banned place (29 November 2021)



Money-grubbing hystericalists are at it again — 'Mega-mutated' Botswana SARS-CoV-2 variant is 'gonna' get us all (27 November 2021)



Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — are an embarrassment to the United States — example follows (24 November 2021)



Daily Beast shouts that — "Seven from Anti-Vax Doctors’ COVID Conference Fall Sick within Days" — and then essentially indicates that six are fine — and one might (or might not) be surviving (23 November 2021)



Big Pharma-Big Tech COVID conspiracy is real? — Peter Doshi, BMJ editor — censored by the anti-thinking pissants at YouTube (16 November 2021)



Questionable COVID vaccines — and lousy mandates policies — do not bother government's Fear Goons (10 November 2021)



More disproven BS from the CDC this week — will these lies never end? (06 November 2021)



CDC study claims that — mRNA COVID-19 vaccines are more than 5 times more protective than natural immunity (30 October 2021)



Is there a COVID vaccine conspiracy? — sure looks like it (29 October 2021)



A badly analyzed and poorly presented epidemiology study asserts that — high COVID vaccination rates are not associated with declines in COVID cases (21 October 2021)



Nebraska saves the day — a comment about COVID-19, ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, federalism and Truth (19 October 2021)



Backwards rewards — Pfizer versus Moderna COVID vaccines (09 October 2021)



Why is Senator Rand Paul virtually the only person in Congress — stating the obvious about COVID-inspired US tyranny? (04 October 2021)



CDC is worthless? — a Johns Hopkins professor of medicine thinks so (23 September 2021)



Rapacious American Plutocracy kills people — as well as scientific endeavor — COVID and ivermectin as examples (22 September 2021)



So let's see — Pfizer's COVID vaccine booster is not proven necessary and safe enough to give to 'regular' people — but it is necessary and safe enough to give to healthy medical workers — and immunocompromised and elderly folks? (18 September 2021)



Viral endemicity appears to be beyond the ability — of Duke University to understand — a US COVID metaphor (16 September 2021)



CDC is playing propaganda games (again) with its COVID data tracker (15 September 2021)



Every time a 'problem' arises — American culture increases Government and Corporate power (13 September 2021)



Mandated vaccine passports for vaccines that do not work very well? (26 August 2021)



COVID lunatics are now killing dogs in New South Wales (Australia) — Americans, guard your liberties (23 August 2021)



Infectious disease epidemiologist, Michael Osterholm — finally said, in public, what I've been saying since January 2020 — about COVID and masks (02 August 2021)



Do COVID vaccines not reliably prevent COVID infections and transmission? — CDC's July 2021 Massachusetts data (01 August 2021)



Masks are good and vaccines not so much? — CDC doubles down on its self-contradicting COVID-19 silliness (29 July 2021)



Infuriating, isn't it? — intentionally fostered COVID ignorance (23 July 2021)



Senator Rand Paul tripped himself up in arguing with Anthony Fauci — a lesson for debaters (21 July 2021)



Idiots with numbers are dangerous — an outstanding COVID example of such (20 July 2021)



Remdesivir's worthlessness is a representative indictment of American public health (19 July 2021)



COVID "cases" nonsense again (17 July 2021)



Sebastian Rushworth MD in Sweden — on kids and COVID vaccines (13 July 2021)



It's all turning to crap — including medicine and public health (10 July 2021)



Is demeaning people a good way to persuade them of something? — Anthony Fauci apparently thinks so (09 July 2021)



UFOs, up — generic pharmaceuticals, down — is this all part of the plutocratic conspiracy? (22 May 2021)



US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) deals in Orwellian propaganda — not medicine (19 May 2021)



Probabilities of Life being a computer-like simulation — who are the idiots here? (03 May 2021)



Pfizer's CEO happily chortled that — we will likely all become prisoners of annual COVID-19 vaccine boosters — think of the profits! (16 April 2021)



World authorities are still lying about the probable origin of SARS-CoV-2 (07 April 2021)



Senator Rand Paul landed one on pillaging bureaucrat Anthony Fauci's mask policy chin (19 March 2021)



Food and Drug Administration — lazy, corrupt and incompetent — ivermectin, with an illustrating aside about fluvoxamine (09 March 2021)



Skepticism about SARS-CoV-2 variants' effects — Rosemary Frei (21 February 2021)



CDC's tra-la-la initial MMWR report — about COVID-19 vaccine safety (19 February 2021)



Anthony Fauci just received the Dan David Prize for "defending science" — how delightfully inappropriate is that? (16 February 2021)



COVID control ignorance — a Capitalist exercise in profits-extraction and public control? (02 February 2021)



Let's chat about the value of "good" Government — by examining its opposite in the United States — COVID masks, for example (26 January 2021)



If you're not a rich country, we're gonna have to kill you off — Oxford-AstraZeneca gouges South Africa on COVID vaccine price (22 January 2021)



If China were in charge — slothful America would have built COVID hospitals — and conducted a successful vaccine rollout (17 January 2021)



Joyously sour insights from Thomas Knapp — regarding lousy Government and COVID (06 January 2021)



Authorities are blaming COVID's escalation on "new" variants of SARS-CoV-2 — rather than on simple characteristics of exponential growth — why? (04 January 2021)



Let's all be COVID hysterical together — and join figurative lemmings in plunging off cliffs — that we've built with our tiny paws (03 January 2021)



Corporate-owned hospitals fleece American taxpayers again — Army Corps of Engineers California hospitals story (02 January 2021)



Propagandized "new strains" of SARS-CoV-2 — no wonder that people stopped paying attention (30 December 2020)



COVID-19 vaccines — a knowledgeably reassuring take — from MedCram and the La Jolla Institute for Immunology's Professor Shane Crotty (17 December 2020)



COVID vaccines — clever Russians — maybe smart science and higher moral ground (11 December 2020)



Five prominent sheriffs have become California's lonely voices of COVID reason (09 December 2020)



CDC's questionable "study" — about locations to catch COVID — is still being peddled by American media and Government — as justification for discriminatory treatments of business and religion (04 December 2020)



Laissez faire capitalism subliminally imprisons how we interpret — COVID's allegedly close-to-full hospital capacity (03 December 2020)



COVID-19 vaccines — a representative example of dangerous ignorance (30 November 2020)



Roger Seheult's outstanding visual analysis — of Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca COVID vaccines (26 November 2020)



CA and NY have the most single day COVID "cases" — what an astonishment — for the brainless (26 November 2020)



Global capitalism's representative COVID Maoists — WHO, CDC and Big Pharma — Governors Whitmer and Newsom — with a guest appearance by Doctor Fauci (21 November 2020)



Uncritical acceptance of Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine claims is idiotic — but that's not stopping Big Pharma and its captive Lamestream (13 November 2020)



An idiotic definition of COVID "close contact exposure" — bites us in the behind — and we're surprised? (22 October 2020)



DoJ's bogus Purdue Pharma opioid settlement (21 October 2020)



Pretend COVID infection tracking is selling Stupidity to the public — ask why (18 October 2020)



Did we really need a supercomputer to tell us that — face shields (by themselves) are worthless in stopping COVID aerosols and droplets? (22 September 2020)



COVID is in US schools and colleges — but reportedly few systems are reliably tracking its spread (17 September 2020)



Economists' "super-spreader" study of the Sturgis motorcycle rally — was methodologically unsupported nonsense (10 September 2020)



Typically American, a $10,984 COVID test — predatory corruption all the way up the chain (07 September 2020)



Russia reportedly has developed the world's first COVID vaccine — and the US immediately sanctioned the Russian entity involved (04 September 2020)



American COVID testing debacle continues — Big Pharma plot? — or just governmental stupidity? (03 September 2020)



CDC's (26 August 2020) COVID death certificate data — misinterpreted by President Trump and some of the public (01 September 2020)



United States is screaming its COVID incompetence — from the CDC's rot-sagging rooftop (27 August 2020)



Foretaste of US Orwellian future? — Virginia public health chief says that he will require all Virginians to get COVID vaccine, when it becomes available (22 August 2020)



Is Big Pharma behind CNN's effort to discredit people — who are skeptical of rushed-to-market COVID vaccine safety? (15 August 2020)



Post-concussion syndrome — an anecdote about the dangers of TBI heat sensitivity in the elderly (13 August 2020)



Georgia YMCA camp COVID outbreak — good example of infection scare tactics — without reporting downstream health effects (04 August 2020)



Will we become COVID vaccine lab critters soon? (03 August 2020)



Pants still down and moving slower than handless sloths — failed state Amerika and COVID (02 August 2020)



USA's — "stupidity meets COVID experiment" — is heating up — and we're still not examining its data (01 August 2020)



Anti-hydroxychloroquine conspiracy? — Trump may be correct (30 July 2020)



Common sense left the United States — witness the Miami Marlins, COVID — and Governor Ron DeSantis (28 July 2020)



Investigating COVID's epidemiology — if useless American governments won't do it — the public will? (22 July 2020)



Kids do spread COVID — why did it take South Korea to prove this— when they have way fewer cases than we do? (19 July 2020)



Foreseeing and preparing for the obvious should be Government's main purpose — in the US, we do the reverse — apparently by reflex (17 July 2020)



Too few N95 masks — no real research on COVID aerosols — why is American Government fat ass sitting? (14 July 2020)



US can't even get the little stuff right — still too little COVID personal protective gear — and a glaring counter example from history (10 July 2020)



Is COVID control capitalism's plot to tyrannize — or is it just profit-seeking? (05 July 2020)



Having your COVID cake — and wanting to eat it, too — Vice President Mike Pence in Texas (29 June 2020)



COVID's foolishly named "second wave" — if a species is this obtuse, should it be wiped out? (22 June 2020)



COVID masks culture war — N95s for the vulnerable — is the longer term view (19 June 2020)



"We lied 'cause y'all be sheeps" — American government's excuse for its early COVID-19 mask untruths (18 June 2020)


The Lancet's fraudulent May 2020 hydroxychloroquine COVID study was finally retracted — corruption influences everything the Establishment touches (05 June 2020)



Did COVID disappear the way Trump said it would? — you would think so, as Americans riot away social distancing — and mostly nobody mentions SARS-CoV-2 (02 June 2020)



Do two inadvertent pandemic experiments — define a form of societal stupidity? (28 May 2020)



Lancet's May 2020 hydroxychloroquine COVID study — is essentially worthless — yet everyone is citing it anyway (27 May 2020)



CDC and some US states demonstrate — poor critical thinking — mixing viral RNA and COVID antibody test results (26 May 2020)



Is Asia picking up the United States' dropped brain torch? (22 May 2020)



Since when are the medications that President Trump takes anyone's business? (19 May 2020)



Is the United States a failed nation? — COVID in Native American country (13 May 2020)



American COVID-19 — our demonstration of raging brainlessness continues (06 May 2020)



How come hydroxychloroquine is suddenly — the apparently most dangerous pharmaceutical on the planet? (04 May 2020)



Problem of inaccurate COVID tests — sensitivity, specificity and statistically based proofs (21 April 2020)



Intentionally misleading COVID numbers are enslaving the American public — and Government is not quickly working toward getting more accurate ones (20 April 2020)



Tunisia outperforms the United States in significant respects? — COVID (17 April 2020)



LA Times reports that the Feds are literally stealing American states' medical supplies (09 April 2020)



Is US intentionally flying blind with respect to COVID-19? (08 April 2020)



Viral RNA and COVID antibody tests are different — and the US lacks enough of both to plan intelligently (06 April 2020)



Thinking like headless chickens regarding COVID-19? (26 March 2020)



COVID-19 mocks affluent West's pretensions about untouchability — fuzzy thinking and moral choices (25 March 2020)



Tomas Pueyo's "hammer and dance" COVID-19 suppression plan — twists evidence — makes epidemiologically baseless jumps of optimism (22 March 2020)



Trump and COVID-19 — where's the big push to manufacture what health care workers need? (21 March 2020)



CDC's misleading COVID-19 numbers — should we join prepper militias? (20 Mar 2020)



Hysterical shut-down reactions to coronavirus will destroy the American economy — consider Utilitarianism instead (17 March 2020)



The European Union — that bastion of self-destructive stupidity — criticized President Trump for trying to protect the US from COVID-19 coronavirus (12 March 2020)



Cruise ship metaphor — how society sinks to its lowest common denominator (09 March 2020)



Coronavirus numbers, no one knows much yet — optimism, pessimism both reasonable (05 March 2020)



Spread of coronavirus shows how poorly US government does genuine national security (02 March 2020)



US State Department and Trump Administration overruled CDC's "no" — regarding importing Diamond Princess COVID-19 patients into the United States (22 February 2020)



COVID-19 is probably loose for good — better plan to manage it (20 February 2020)



Cruise ships and coronavirus — what did "we" expect to happen? (19 February 2020)



Is coronavirus quarantine in the United States working perfectly? — consider the latest from China (18 February 2020)



American coronavirus policy's ineffectualness — has arguably turned into risk-taking excess (17 January 2020)



A comparison aptly highlights American government's BS — terrorism versus coronavirus (15 February 2020)



Ineffectual US coronavirus-management plan? (08 February 2020)



Aging and the questionable art — of not gracefully giving in — Lumbar spines, bad backs, neuromuscular issues — and sea kayaks (05 February 2020)



Hysterical coronavirus babble — the uselessness of news media (03 February 2020)



Is doing the ineffectual better than just being realistic? — the Wuhan coronavirus (28 January 2020)



Capital-holding parasites at work — consider extortionate flu shot pricing (26 November 2019)



Capitalism premeditatedly murders children — the vincristine shortage (18 October 2019)



Consider physicist Sabine Hossenfelder's take — on the arguably idiotic Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics (07 August 2019)



American medicine — literally killing people with untested bags of shit? (17 June 2019)



Let's add two more logs to the "despicable humanity" pyre (30 March 2019)



Rabid BS from a Danish acupuncture and menopause "study" — carelessly reported (20 February 2019)



Best take the Shingrix vaccine — just hours before your day(s) off (25 January 2019)



Conflicts of financial interest — skated (again) past several medical journals (20 December 2018)



Theoretical physicist Sabine Hossenfelder elegantly chewed up — erroneously Hawking-attributed multiverse nonsense (23 March 2018)



Physicist Michio Kaku — erroneously equated Heisenberg's uncertainty principle to proof that free will ("in some sense") exists (02 January 2018)



AI developer Jürgen Schmidhuber — exemplifies why Elon Musk is worried about artificial intelligence's too-random development (21 December 2017)



"Antibiotic apocalypse" — of course — but who cares, when there's money to be made ignoring it? (09 October 2017)



A heating pad may help noticeably — with pain management due to rib cage fractures, related cartilage damage and minor muscle tears — but be careful (22 December 2016)



Lucky to ride away — a thought on mountain biking among the elderly — and on the concept of "against medical advice" (20 December 2016)



The World Medical Association — just installed an allegedly egregiously corrupt president — business as usual, we can infer (21 October 2016)



Farm antibiotics — if we leave it to corporations and government bureaucracies — we'll all become bacteria bait (17 October 2016)



United States is careless — in tracking deaths due to bacterial antibiotic resistance — a Reuters investigative report (13 September 2016)



A Meta-Analysis of Non-Metastasized Prostate Cancer Studies — Appears to Indicate that Higher Dose Radiation Therapy Does Not Improve Survival — and a Comment about Arguably Lazy Medical Establishment Thinking (29 March 2016)



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