Life grinds our obtuse spots

Photograph of eroding Colorado mountains for PeteFree dot com website, illustrating aphorim that "Life grinds our obtuse spots."




These pages emphasize critical thinking


Assumptions and premises are explicitly drawn. Reason proceeds from there.


Much of what I write focuses on:


(1) American oligarchy


(2) profit-seeking militarism




(3) today's culture of avarice — which often distorts science and medicine from truth-seeking to bullshit, to use Jon Stewart's grounded characterization.


The rest of the site consists of reviews, general observations and how-to blurbs that may be occasionally useful.



I write much more provocatively . . .


. . . than my comparatively accepting personality ordinarily would warrant.


I justify this abrasive authorial trait because, especially by the end of 2020:



Fat Cats' pillaging capitalistic avarice


Big Tech's Orwellianism


Government's Adam Henry totalitarianism




the Rabble's easily herded, sheepy stupidity. . .



. . . have become too much to quietly bear.


At least so, for anyone reasonably sane.


It would be helpful if more people were prodded (provocatively or not) into genuinely thinking about ameliorating societal problems.


As opposed to blindly accepting whatever this planet's suffocating flock of propagandizing nitwits have to say.