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Global warming — when the low bar showed no chance at all of being achieved —the UN enthusiastically raised it (09 October 2018)



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Planning to survive climate warming 'doom' — is probably more effective than trying to persuade people to (large scale) decarbonize (11 January 2018)



Floods — subsidizing Government's "no rules" fools — as well as the people who buy their votes (29 August 2017)



Why do something about problems that will eventually kill us — when it is more fun making cutting judgments about other people? (25 August 2017)



San Antonio house hunting — planet Earth, what's that? (19 July 2017)



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If it's a secret, it can't hurt you — (until it does) — US government's underhandedness regarding the Dakota Access Pipeline (03 May 2017)



Imbecile America? — consider the Oroville Dam situation — and what led up to it (14 February 2017)



Hysterical climate headlines — like the one below — do greenhouse gas reduction efforts no good (13 February 2017)



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