Biden's State Department is evidently doing nothing to get — US citizen Gonzalo Lira — out of Ukro-Nazi prison

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30 May 2023



So goes the fascist United States


The Nazi-loving, Nazi-financing and militarily Ukraine-aiding Biden Administration evidently refuses to do anything at all to get free speech-advocate and Ukraine War opponent — US citizen Gonzalo Lira — out of Ukraine's SBU-fed prison.


Questioned about Lira's arrest by the Epoch Times' Liam Cosgrove — the US State Department's Matthew Miller responded this way:





Thanks. Liam Cosgrove with Epoch Times.


So this was a couple weeks ago, but I haven’t seen an official statement on it.


A U.S. citizen who is residing in Ukraine has been arrested and that he was a California-born man; he was in the past like a business insider contributor, and he had a YouTube channel.


He was an outspoken critic of Zelenskyy’s regime. The Ukrainian SBU released a press release saying he was arrested for justifying Putin’s invasion.


So ultimately, it added up to speech.


And I spoke with Congressman Ted Lieu, a Democrat, and he said he urges the State Department to engage its authorities to work out some sort of negotiation to get him released.


So are you guys aware of this?


How do we feel about our allies detaining U.S. citizens for speech abroad?


Mr Miller


So I will say in general that we’re aware of the report.


We obviously support the exercise of freedom of speech anywhere in the world, and I’ll leave it at that.




So you guys aren’t working to get him released?


Mr Miller


I’m going to leave my comments where I just left them.


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Reporter Cosgrove's tweeted video clip of the exchange is here.



In other words, we 'ain't doing shit'


To use an American colloquialism.


And that's because:



The 'Dementia Joe' Biden Administration


(and the Deep State that runs it)


value American free speech


(and our constitution's First Amendment)


just as much as American Government


(and the corporatist plutocrats, who bribe and run it)


enjoy torturing Julian Assange


by keeping the former WikiLeaks journalist


in the equivalent of solitary confinement (abroad) year after year.



Contrast Russia and China's . . .


. . . easily documented willingness to go to bat for their people — when those folks are captured, held or prosecuted abroad.


In our case, regarding US-puppet Ukraine, it would only take one US-initiated phone call to get Lira out of jail and back to the United States or Chile, where is also a citizen.


The fact that this has not occurred — and would be so laughingly easily accomplished — puts the United States squarely in Nazi-Fascist Camp.


This betrayal of the United States' anti-Nazi World War 2 (allegedly greatest) generation continues with vomit-worthy consistency. We have become what we once said we hated.



The moral? — The United States is now exactly the 'shithole' country . . .


. . . that former president Donald Trump held in such baldly stated contempt.


Notice that no one over here, in government or mainstream media, gives a darn about the very visible erosion of American liberties.


They care even less about the serial incarceration — or worse — of the proportionately very few Americans, who still do.


If one takes pride in this arguably miserable, Founders-slapping state of national affairs — one models the antithesis of a 1776 to 1789 American patriot.


And in that case, why are 'you' (they or it) still squawking about Russian and Chinese authoritarianism?


Americans' predominantly shared inability to see ourselves — and our rights-trashing culture — even vaguely accurately, is appalling.


This is not a case of the pot hypocritically calling the kettle black.


It is, instead, an instance of the pot being the kettle and not recognizing it.


Such a condition is called mental illness. Ours is rabidly psychotic.