Spineless chancellor Olaf Scholz — reliably embarrasses Germany at every juncture

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08 March 2023



How do Germans put up with this?


Their spineless chancellor is even more embarrassing — and nationally destructive — than our own Dementia Joe.



For instance


After the United States (and reportedly, Norway) blew up the German-Russian Nord Stream gas pipelines — here is what 'Groveling Puddle' Scholz said about President Biden, during the noodle-boned German chancellor's recent visit to the United States.


Speaking to CNN's Fareed Zakaria:





How does Joe Biden strike you as a leader? You've met many leaders all over the world. What strikes you about Biden?




He is very informed about international relations.


I think he's one of the most skilled presidents knowing how things are running in the world which is important in times that are becoming more dangerous and we see a lot of changes.


And he is really a good man looking at the transatlantic partnership which is so important for Europe but also for peace of the world and for NATO.


And I think there is something which we have in common looking at the people, you in the United States called the middle class and I think it is important that we don't forget about their perspectives and their lives and their hopes.


And so I like him.


© 2023 Transcripts, Interview with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, transcripts.cnn.com (05 March 2023)



Uh huh


Joe Biden's neocon administration literally blew up German industry. As well as Germany's future economy.


And, nevertheless, Chancellor Scholz — that metaphorically graphic piece of oozy-flowing colon drool — comes to the Sea to Shining Sea's murder capital to lick his dementia-burdened Emperor's Germany-squashing ass cheeks.



The moral? —  Propagandized, mindlessness populations . . .


. . . eventually lamebrain themselves into forms of serfdom that profit other people.


We currently have many examples of such:





the United States




virtually the entirety of the European Union.



Lemming-like herds (in that fondly inaccurate metaphor) racing each other to Suicide's sea cliffs.