More nonsense from the nitwits running the American Deep State — an alleged Chinese reconnaissance balloon over Montana

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03 February 2023



Another trillion dollars for national defense becomes necessary?


From Yahoo:



A massive spy balloon believed to be from China was seen above Montana and is being tracked as it flies across the continental United States, with President Joe Biden for now deciding against "military options" because of the risk to civilians, U.S. officials said on Thursday.


Still, officials insisted, they continue to closely monitor the vessel as they have since it entered the country -- while voicing their concern to Beijing.


© 2023 Martha Raddatz, Luis Martinex and Karson Yiu, Large Chinese reconnaissance balloon spotted over the US, officials say, (03 February 2023)



Yeah, right


The allegedly Chinese balloon is surely picking up all sorts of intel that China's satellites cannot.


We all know that rural Montana is the absolute heart of America's economy and self-defensive measures.


Plus, what could be technologically better for China than having the People's Republic "spy" device drift along in whichever direction planetary winds wish?


I am certain that China's presumably 'evil' scientific population worked on this wind-drift idea for decades.



Incredibly enough


Yahoo's sheep-scaring Propaganda Tactic goes on for 1,607 words.


And it took three specialists in silly-minds control to write it.


Proving again, that the US lamestream media is worth noticeably less than a gutter-floating poop sample emerging from the Deep State's always ridiculous ass.



Can you imagine a competent ambassador to China's humiliation . . .


. . . in trying to present this preposterous US complaint to high-ranking representatives of the People's Republic?


However, I guess suffering occasional humiliation is worth the endless stream of grift that someone of high American rank is assured.


That said, I personally would have extreme difficulty complaining to Xi Jinping about Chinese balloons.


I imagine us both breaking into glee-filled laughter, regarding this outrageously dumb US-generated ploy.


Dignity has intellectually constrained limits.



The moral? — Every day, the United States (as a political entity) becomes more absurd


The birth of someone into Government — who develops an actually functioning brain — and a less than evil soul — will be equivalent to the birth of The New American Messiah.



Do lead us, Oh Messiah, from this Wilderness of incessantly idiotic enemy-creation.



The laughable part is that — with our now decades-long descent into unadulterated, unalloyed, shore-to-shore and ground-to-sky Stupidity — saving our nation becomes a less and less worthy task.


One can imagine what the United States' (assuredly brilliant) Founders would think about this.


The embarrassment that we descendants have cast — with obviously addicted and addictive determination — upon their Grand Experiment, must cloy their assumedly Heavenly steps.