The entertaining Trump Cult carried his banners — as they attacked the Capitol without a plan

© 2021 Peter Free


07 January 2021



Does it get more American than this?


What happened yesterday in the United States is both indicatively lame-funny and sad.



Yesterday . . .


Self-evidently inciting a riot, President Trump — speaking from just south of the White House at the "Ellipse" — held forth that the 2020 election that unseated him was fraudulent:



They rigged the election.


These people are not going to take it any longer. This year, they rigged an election . . . like they've never rigged an election before.


All of us here today do not want to see our election stolen by emboldened radical left Democrats, which is what they're doing. And stolen by the fake news media . .  . we will never give up. We will never concede . . . .


Our country has had enough. We will not take it anymore.


We will stop the steal.


Take third world countries, their elections are more honest than what we've been going through in this country. It's a disgrace.


We will not let them silence your voices. We're not gonna let that happen.


States want to revote. . . . And we become president, and you are the happiest people.


And then [meaning that if a revote does not happen and president-elect Biden takes office], we're stuck with a president who lost the election by a lot. And we have to live with that for four more years.


There's never been a movement like this [Trump one], ever-ever.


We are gathered together in the heart of our nation's Capitol for one very-very basic and simple reason, to save our democracy.


They've used the pandemic as a way of defrauding the people in a proper election.


Let's go back eight weeks.


We want to go back, and we want to get this right. Because we're gonna have somebody in there that should not be in there, and our country will be destroyed, and we're not gonna stand for that.


© 2021 WKYC Channel 3, President Trump speaks at 'Save America' rally, YouTube (06 January 2021) (beginning at roughly 1:05:00 through 1:15:32)



In effect


Trump had just encouraged his cult to march on (or against) the Capitol — where Congress was about to meet to accept (or reject) the 2020 presidential election's Electoral College vote.



The crowd obediently began its flow . . .


. . . toward the symbolically core Imperial America building. With some of the especially motivated among the Trump Flock hoisting Trump election banners and even US flags emblazoned with his picture.


See, for instance, the following two videos:



Washington Post, Watch how the events unfolded during the Capitol riots, YouTube (06 January 2021)


You News, U.S. Congress Under Attack, Trump Supporters Enter Capitol Building, YouTube (06 January 2021) (Trump's face on US flag, visible on right side screen, at 00:23 minute mark)



Judging by the many Trump-oriented flags and banners, President Trump is kind'a like an American Jesus.


Given how depressingly immoral, rapacious, self-centered and malevolently stupid Trump is — the substitution of his irreligious self for the holy one is sociologically quite telling. Especially among a group of Republican folk, who numerously pride themselves on being evangelically tuned.



What resulted was an "OMG, you can't make this up" moment


American mental illness was arguably on display.


For full appreciation of the resulting spectacle, recognize that this crew of apparently easily manipulated folk represent the obtuse mentality that self-justifies American domination of the planet.


Never a dull moment in American Propaganda Land.



Naturally, the Capitol Police were not prepared for the Trumpists' march . . .


. . . despite oodles of preliminary warning, sprinkled everywhere conceivable.


The police agency's state of flaccid vacuity presumably occurred — if US history be a guide — because most of the anticipated protesters were white in skin color.


Being unprepared, the Capitol cops' initially non-riot-equipped force was quickly overrun. With the rapid collapse of building security, the television-watching American public was treated to pictures of the impressive structure literally crawling with excited and excitable humans.


This sight, in itself, was historically mildly unique. Flag-waving Americans assaulting their own legislative center. This assault included intentionally breaking windows and bashing doors — followed by voluminous trespass into ordinarily strictly-prohibited areas of the building.


Symbolically, one of this mob of enthusiastic clowns was videoed removing a US flag on the Capitol and trying to replace it with a Trump banner. The unpatriotic element incorporated into his act of defiance, apparently, did not occur to him.



And then, a deadly punctuation


Afterward, as the Lamestream hysterically gathered round — picking through the Grand Day's rubble — we learned that one of the Trump's Band had been shot and killed.





Jessica McBride, Ashli Babbitt: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know, Heavy (06 January 2021)



Babbitt's death occurred, while she tried to climb through an interior door's side-located window and reportedly into a police-barricaded hallway.  Tactically speaking, judging by a video of that moment, Babbitt's situational judgment was as bad as it is possible to get. (The video has since been removed. However, another one — from a different angle and showing the officer shooting at Babbitt— is here.)



In summary, some sociological observations are warranted


I make these because they have been underplayed by America's hysterical Establishment.



First, regarding the Establishment's "coup attempt" nonsense


Democrats, given their own penchant for Stupidity writ Large, claimed that the Vengeance-Minded Horde had attempted a "coup".


This inflated claim self-destructs upon the very simple observation that the Trump Mob — as opposed to Trump himself — obviously had no plan. Other than, perhaps, modeling American Rowdy as a behavioral pattern.


This Trump-supporting mass of people was, for the most part:



comprised of "white" folk


who simplistically think and thought




the American Plutocracy's structure


can easily be disassembled


by a launching a strategy-lacking


vigorous mobbing


of the nation's Capitol.



How quaint. Coup by rugby scrum?


Are we, according to these people's very obviously malfunctioning brains, still living in 1776's comparatively less complex times?


I deduce that dopey Trumpists evidently parallel their Great Leader's narcissistic self-entitlement. To such a degree that they think that they should have free rein and reign — in our corruptly structured and imprisoning society — to do whatever they will, to whomever they want.


The rioting group's wisdom-lacking behavior demonstrates shows how societally, structurally and strategically clueless much of America is.


Coups are not made by mobbish protest.



Second, a skin color hypothetical


Only one violent death and roughly 84 arrests were made, despite a monumental breach of Capitol security.


Take a "shot" at guessing how many deaths and arrests there would have been, if these Capitol-invaders had been some other color than white?


Had the Trumpy folk not been anticipated to be mainly white, the cops would have been massively ready with Big Guns and armor.



Third, the perennially bogus "Right Wing Terrorism" claim


Democrats (and politicians generally) like to deflect attention away from this country's Plutocratic rot.


They divertingly claim that there is a massive threat from Right Wing terrorists in this country.  And yesterday, according to them, was yet another warning that this barely concealed Nazi Tide lives deep within our population.


See, for example:



David Axe, After President Stokes Anger, Right-Wing Extremists Occupy U.S. Capitol, Forbes (06 January 2021)



The Right Wing Terrorism claim, in yesterday's instance, is nonsense.


If you look at video clips of yesterday's Capitol assault, it is abundantly clear that the Trump-Bleaters involved were impassioned, but emphatically not of terror-spewing intent.


Had they been of blood-spilling mind, lots of cops and innocents would have been blasted. And the Capitol would have been firmly secured within the rioters' allegedly mayhem-spawning grasp.


In partial proof, I found it amusing that — once inside the Capitol — video showed Trumpers non-combatively trying to retreat back to the outside, while trying to wash Mace (or its equivalent) out of their eyes with plastic-bottled water.


This was (very obviously) not a determined, coup-inclined group. And I'm sure that real terrorists, of more stalwart backbone, will find these scenes of American "pussyness" hilarious.



More seriously — what needs to be done?


With roughly half of American voters thinking the 2020 election was stolen, I'm inclined to think that they need to experience a conscientiously listening and responding ear.


So, as a matter of pragmatic governance, the Trump Klan — meaning roughly half of America — deserves representation on a Commission directed to legitimately investigate 2020 election counts in a prompt and accelerated way.


Of course, this will not happen. Precisely because, I suspect, the Deep State knows that some of the voting was indeed fraudulent. Though, admittedly, probably not to the election-stealing outcome that Trump people believe.


Leave it to the Great American Plutocracy to do the wrong "citizenry thing" most of the time.



The moral? — Not a Trump Mob coup attempt . . .


. . . but instead another indication of how poorly American society is governed.


It is difficult to accept being failed nation. Benjamin Franklin's 1787 — "Republic, if you can keep it" — premonition rings in memory.


However, in truth, Franklin disingenuously attributed the potential for American failure to the wrong people. The Founders had intentionally created a structure that gave the appearance of democracy, but without democracy's actuality. Of course, they knew it.


In 2021, the illusion of US democracy has finally collapsed under Plutocracy's "buy government" pressure.


American Oligarchy — which the Founders had been protecting, via their obstructively structured form of governance — now lies naked for everyone to see.


It is poetically ironic that Trump Kultists — carrying Il Duce Amerika's picture on some of their flags — were the mechanism that should make this "democracy is dead" condition abundantly clear to even the dimmest among us.


The paradox is amusing and sad at the same time.


For instance, I derived some morose humor from watching the Republican-run Senate scurry back to rhetorical safety from its previous fostering of societal chaos.


Post-riot, that legislative body pretended to be concerned about America's unraveling state of affairs. The always self-interested (and interminably fickle) Senator Lindsey Graham was most prominent among those speaking.


He gave an effectively folksy, historically referenced speech in the Republic's defense. "Effective" — provided that one is generous enough to ignore his words' dripping hypocrisy.


Cowardice, avarice and duty-avoidance are the American Congress's most defining traits.


Keep those characteristics in mind, and you can always predict the American Legislature's direction toward Metaphorical Satan's soul-stealing clutches. Because of this, ordinary Americans' futures reek.