Did the American Deep State punch holes in both Nord Stream pipelines?

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27 September 2022



Tasty conspiracy hypothesizing . . .


. . . or easily deduced perpetrators?



Guess which historically Pillaging Culprit . . .


. . . fits the following modus operandi best:



A pressure drop has occurred in a short time in both Nord Stream pipes. The German government does not believe this is a coincidence.


“Our imagination no longer provides a scenario that is not a targeted attack,” said an insider who knows the authorities’ assessment of the famous “Tagesspiegel”.


A drastic loss of pressure was observed in one of the two lines of Nord Stream 2 on Monday evening. Finally, on Monday night, there was a “severe pressure drop” in both Nord Stream 1 lines, as the spokesperson announced.


The government in Berlin expects the worst as to the cause of the incidents.


Sabotage is suspected because of the timing, the large number of pipes affected and the magnitude of the pressure drop that points to a major leak in Nord Stream 1.


“Everything speaks against chance,” the source explains to the German newspaper.


To inflict such damage on the seabed, you need naval divers or a submarine, it was determined during the initial assessment of the situation by the security authorities. In addition, assumptions are made about who could be responsible for the attack.


© 2022 Wayne, “No coincidence” – Nord Stream pipelines damaged by attack?, Today Times Live (27 September 2022)



Who indeed?


Which Great Satan has diligently been trying to prevent both Nord Streams from delivering cheap gas to Germany for as long as both pipelines have existed?


Which Plundering Block's leadership is on Historical Record for saying — and consistently acting as if — its goal is to 'keep Germany down'?


Who has done literally everything possible to deindustrialize Germany — in the United States' favor — since well before the beginning to the US-NATO-instigated Russo-Ukrainian War?


Which hegemonic Deep State would — in keeping with its perennially vicious mentality — do something to actively ensure that Germany has no workable, independence-minded energy options going forward?


Think the CIA's chaos-burgeoning model.



The moral? — We are left with only one 'shoe-fits-best' perpetrator


And that Agglomeration of Evil lies with our homicidally inclined 'friends' in Neocon America's Deep State apparatus.


Having the United States as a purported ally is literally akin to witlessly marrying the Devil.


I struggle to find sympathy for a group of people, who so willingly strangle themselves with American leadership's easily detectible noose.