St. Louis Circuit Attorney (prosecutor) Kim Gardner landed on her face — as I suspected she might — after she charged the gun-brandishing McCloskeys on political grounds

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18 December 2020



Proving again that discriminated person advancement . . .


. . . under the Democratic Party's auspices — appears to hinge upon one's ability to be just as much of an egregious Adam Henry as the worst of "white" guys.



Remember St. Louis prosecutor, Kim Gardner?


I wrote about her — here.


In short, Gardner charged the gun-toting McCloskey husband and wife team with a felony after video of that now famous incident surfaced — during this past summer's Black Lives Matter protests and riots:



SBS News, Couple aims firearms at Black Lives Matter protesters, YouTube (29 June 2020)



At the time


I noted that the video set the metaphorically gasoline-impregnated racial stage to receive a lighted match:



On cue, flaunting arguably situational intemperateness and possible bias, St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberley M. Gardner — who is "black" — decided to make a national issue out of the "white" McCloskeys' weapons-toting grandstanding.



My tentative perspective then . . .


. . . was that Gardner had probably abused both her prosecutorial power and common legal strategic and "race war" sense:



Recall in this, that the McCloskeys did nothing manifestly wrong or noticeably un-American, during their mansion-defense.


Provocatively unnecessary, yes. Stupid even. But only very questionably unlawful, given the destructive history of similar protests in other places.


In spite of the understandableness of their (arguably) poor situational judgment, the honorable Ms. Gardner made them pay for their "honest" home defense.


Was that (whisper, whisper) 'cause she's "black"?


DA Gardner's gasoline-lighting felony charges predictably handed her philosophical adversaries a very Big Stick.


Sometimes, I am surprised at how professionally inept people can be.


They achieve enviable heights of success (like Ms. Gardner undeniably has), and then they emblazon themselves upon the national imagination as prominent examples of how not to behave.


Eventually, we will see how much damage Kimberley Gardner has done her own racially just cause.


I suspect that the harm done is significantly greater than its apparent initial trivialness would suggest.



Well, sure enough . . .


Prosecutor Gardner's maliciously inspired ridiculousness subsequently bit her in the ass.


Incredibly, she was stupid enough to use her self-initiated prosecution of the McCloskeys to solicit campaign donations.


Naturally, defendant Mark McCloskey, also a lawyer, objected.


As a result of Mark McCloskey's motion to the court, Judge Thomas Clark removed Gardner — and her entire office — from the case.


Judge Clark's order was based on the seemingly clear and valid ground that Missouri law explicitly prohibits prosecutors from supervising cases, which they have a personal interest in:



The statute is explicitly clear and without any ambiguity, allowing the court to remove the prosecutor if the prosecutor has a personal interest in a particular case. § 56.110 RSMo.


The campaign emails demonstrate the Circuit Attorney's personal interest in this case, raise the appearance of impropriety and jeopardize the Defendant's right to a fair trial.


Among other previously described concerns, these email solicitations aim to raise money using the defendant and the circumstances surrounding the case to rally Ms. Gardner’s political base and fuel contributions.


Order [regarding Defendant's Motion to Disqualify the Circuit Attorney and the Circuit Attorney's Office], Missouri vs. Mark McCloskey, Cause: 2022-CR1301-01, Missouri Circuit Court, Twenty-Second Judicial District, Division 7 (10 December 2020) (at page 21)



Well, duh, Kim


You silly girl.



The moral? — If you think that the Democrat Party is forward-parading . . .


. . . the best among the nation's Betrodden, think again.


It appears that being a self-interested and conniving Rat of Minority Distinction is much more important than simply being a decent and honorably inclined person — of whatever human flavor one wishes to advance as being self-defining.


I predict that the Wokeness Brigade is eventually going to swamp itself in the derision-carrying vomit that it routinely generates in (and from) the rest of the Common Sense-carrying public.


One can hope.