Russia, China and Iran continue acting passively — in the face of the Anglo-Zionist axis's unadulterated evil

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11 November 2023



To begin, let's set the current Gaza scene


From Middle East Eye:



At around 6 am local time (4 am GMT), power was completely cut off from the [Al-Shifa] hospital, leaving patients on life support at high risk of death at any moment.


There is also no water, no food, and no internet inside the hospital.


"We tried in every way to restart the generator to no avail," Abu Mouth told MEE.


The Palestinian health ministry said one premature baby hooked to incubators has already died. A total of 39 other babies face the same fate in the coming hours if power is not immediately restored, doctors inside the hospital have warned.


The lack of power is also affecting dozens of patients on life support.


At least one person has already died as ventilators stop working.


"Thousands are trapped inside the complex, including patients, medical staff, first responders, and civil defence personnel," Muhammad Abu Salima, the director of Al-Shifa Hospital, told Al Jazeera.


Meanwhile, Israeli snipers and armed drones have been targeting anyone moving between the different hospital buildings.


Abu Mouth told MEE that a 26-year-old woman tried to leave the hospital amid the siege and was targeted by an Israeli sniper. 


“We are completely surrounded and the intense bombing is ongoing," Abu Mouth said.


© 2023 Maha Hussaini and Huthifa Fayyad, Israel-Palestine: Israeli forces besiege and attack Al-Shifa hospital, Middle East Eye (11 November 2023)



This is the kind of genocidally minded behavior that Israel has been indulging throughout its retaliation for the 07 October 2023 Hamas attack.



Meanwhile . . .


. . . Israel's co-partner in blanket atrocity-manufacturing — the United States — announced that one of our Ohio class nuclear submarines has shown up in the Middle East.



Of that bit of deliberately unhelpful escalation . . .


. . . former India diplomat M. K. Bhadrakumar said — here in excerpts:



As the death toll in Gaza crosses 10,000, feelings are indeed running high in the Muslim world. Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei said today that “all the evidence and indications show the direct involvement of the Americans in running the war” in Gaza.


There is no question that the location of the US nuclear submarine to the east of Suez is an attempt to intimidate Iran from intervening, while Israel, with US backing, proceeds to open a second front in Lebanon.


No, this won’t turn into a world war. It will be fought in the Middle East only, but its outcome will significantly impact the making of a new multipolar world order.


© 2023 M. K. Bhadrakumar, US, Israel to open second front in Lebanon, Indian Punchline (06 November 2023)



Predictable levels of international cowardice


Russia has Kinzhal-armed MiG-31s over the Black Sea. Not doing anything significant.


China has (or had) naval vessels in the Persian Gulf. Also not doing anything.


And supposedly 'Iran-backed militias' continue their strategically idiotic, pinprick attacks on (grossly illegal) American outposts in Syria and Iraq.


This accumulated international mass is dithering like a pack of frightened kittens, while the Zionist-American axis slaughters thousands of women and children to no accomplishable geopolitical purpose.



From an Alexandrian-scoped perspective — and contrary to Bhadrakumar


If I were a hypothetical Iranian, Russian or Chinese (Alexander-minded) strategist, I would see these unnecessarily provocative American deployments — of two carrier groups and an Ohio class submarine — as a combined opportunity to make the United States' hegemonic decline visibly permanent.


Once the American sub — and its two associated carrier groups — threatened (or initiated) anti-Islamic action, my hypothetical strategist would recommend sinking all three.


The only choice left to the US — after such a disastrous event took place — would be to drag its Satanic neocon tail back to our quasi-continental island fortress and mind our own business.


Or start a nuclear war, which would destroy most of the northern hemisphere.


Either way, reality would suddenly become noxiously real in our sadly deteriorated American land of murderously inclined sheep.


History would run quite differently afterward. Slaughtering babies, women and children would go out of fashion.


There is nothing like watching war come to one's own shores to teach basic morality.


That's a lesson we Americans arguably need to learn. It would dampen the United States' hypocritical callousness in routinely butchering people abroad.


Such a war would also teach us not to cavalierly hazard our troops in foreign lands, in deadly actions that have absolutely nothing to do with this nation's bedrock national interests.


Increasing profits for the Military Industrial Complex is not what America's military services (brothers, sisters and children all) are for.


Yet, as Putin has (debatably reasonably) pinpointed — American neocons are the people responsible for most of the global situation's (intentionally destabilizing) wrongdoings.



A scary mess


Paul Craig Roberts, who is as impatient with cowardice-based stupidity (and US neocons) as I am, wrote that — here excerpted:



What is called Israel’s right to self-defense is a euphemism for Israeli expansion.


It is already a world war with the US involved, with Chinese Navy and Russian aircraft on the scene, and according to news reports German and French soldiers on the way.


Putin with his emphasis on, and commitment to, multipolarity cannot permit US/Israeli destruction of a rising independent Middle East, much less Iran, the destruction of which would open up Russia to destabilization and deprive China of oil.


The situation accurately described by Bhadrakumar is more dangerous than he realizes.


Russia, China, and Iran are behind the eight ball.


Proactive leadership would long ago have announced a Russian-Chinese-Iranian mutual defense treaty, the announcement of which would have prevented the dangerous situation we now face.


© 2023 Paul Craig Roberts, Gaza Is Not the US/Israeli Target, (10 November 2023)



I am not optimistic


President Putin has demonstrated a penchant for dangerous inaction, before and during the Ukraine War. I doubt that he has the imagination or the leadership fortitude necessary to act proactively (in the Middle East) in any geopolitically meaningful sense.


Russia's unimpressive turtle-paced Ukraine intervention has already cancelled Putin out as being someone that American neocons fear.


Nazi-led Ukraine, for example, is still killing Russian-heritage Ukrainians in the Donbas with artillery, rockets and missiles.


And that's after 20 months of Russia's special military operation.


The special operation has not even been able to gain the territory necessary to prevent relatively short-range artillery from negatively impacting the very people that Russia has sworn to protect.


This is not persuasively impressive on any worthwhile scale of modern military accomplishment.


Especially so, in that Russia has not gained the temporally nuclear missile-protective, territorial buffer zone that it explicitly announced that it intended to achieve.


And then there remains strategically vital Odessa. Still Russian-populated. And still waiting for lethargic capture.


In sum, lackadaisical advance characterizes the overall Russian effort.


Putin seems to think that time will patiently wait for the Federation. My own skeptical view is that time favors the United States' rabidly braindead neocons' constant conniving.


China is similarly quasi-passively constituted. One US provocation after another goes unanswered.


As for Iran, it cannot do anything self-defensively significant, without first obtaining military backing that it can count on from Russia and China.


Historically speaking, such a pack of initiative-lacking ditherers is — dare I say always — ineffectual in heading off major disasters that decisive action would have avoided.



The moral? — No-brains US aggressiveness, combined with international patsy-hood . . .


. . .  increasingly slams us all toward potentially terminal circumstances.


Wise people and leaders would avoid this kind of end-to-end spectrum brainlessness.


And as usual, the neocon-led United States is doing its avarice-based, aggressive best to make an already horrific situation, worse.


I am appalled, but not surprised.


Meanwhile, Islam's innocent woman and child martyrs continue to die. Not to mention Ukraine's US-proxied two generations of military men.


I have trouble conceiving a more depressing summation of human leadership's lack of inspiring worth.