Israel in a videoed nutshell

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14 May 2022



Israeli leadership arguably tops the United States . . .


. . . in its moral contemptibility.


Watch the below video-embedded tweet from Riya Al.


It concerns the funeral procession that took place after Israeli troops murdered Palestinian-American journalist Shereen Abu Aqleh:



Riya Al@RiyaAlsanah, This will never be unseen, Twitter (13 May 2022, 7:33 AM)



Notice that


Completely undisciplined and thoroughly unprofessional Israeli riot police (shown in the videos) are kicking and striking defenseless casket-bearers.


That is, apparently, Israeli 'manhood' and courage for you.


In the contemptibility regard, Israeli leadership is debatably as bad as that in the United States — which demonstrates a slavering penchant for starting and escalating wars against small-arms-only-equipped 'brown' people, who live in comparatively non-threatening far-away lands.



The moral? — After Israel's military murdered journalist Shireen Abu Akleh . . .


. . . its police re-expressed Israel's (now-defining core) inhumanity at her funeral procession.


This is, by the way, the same Israeli nation that keeps America's consistently brown-nosing presidents and its gutlessly useless and perpetually grifting Congresses on an Israel-financed and propagandized (US national interest-ignoring) leash.


How do you — as an unprivileged, supposedly humane American — feel being the consistently obedient lapdog to an Israeli crew that is comprised of essentially reincarnated German SS demons?


So much for anyone, including Israel, having learned a thing from the Holocaust.


We in the United States (for example) are currently arming, financially supporting — and literally crazy-fueling — neo-Nazi-led Ukraine.