Hamas provokes yet another futile combat — probably with Mossad's happy assistance

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09 October 2023



Is this the ultimately theatrical in pointless dumbassery?


A comparative handful of Hamas guys symbolically fly into Israel on a paragliders and expect to dent Israel's squashing of the Palestinians by capturing and/or shooting at party-attending civilians.


Some other Hamas guys fire off hundreds of not-aimable pseudo-rockets in more or less random fashion. Rockets which have never proved to have militarily significant effects.


Nevertheless, the rocket blasts arguably do symbolize the always futile, poorly strategized Palestinian resistance to Nazi-minded Israel.


All of this turmoil being executed in vaguely conceived stratagems that are likely to go nowhere, other than stimulating more uncontrolled hatred between the two cultures.



And thus . . .


Another Not-Sun-Tzu-minded slaughtering conflict begins.


Hamas's assault might have been more 'optically' and morally persuasive, had it targeted police or military stations.


But, as usual — and exactly mimicking cowardly and apartheid Israel — this Arab component of the long-standing conflict impacts primarily those who are helpless to resist.



As a culprit-widening sidenote


One might wonder how the reportedly 'massive' Hamas assault occurred, without Israeli or American forewarning.


My tentative guess is that the West knew beforehand, and intentionally did nothing to prevent the attack:



This nonchalance hypothetically occurring, so as to further Israel's self-assessed 'moral justice' in obliterating Palestinians and further stealing their land.


And similarly deviously, in aid of the United States' historically proven wish to create chaos all over the place.


With the possibly added benefit of distracting American voters from the war-losing, savagely proxied lunacy that Biden administration neocons started (and eagerly continue to foment) in Ukraine.



The moral? — Mass murder is humanity's favorite, allegedly society-improving, way of doing everything


This is certainly true in the Collective West.


With Hamas, in this instance, adding an Arabic dose of belligerently futile stupidity to the United States' and Israel's predominating monopoly on that satanic psychotic trait.


Ain't diversity grand?


Deadly chaos for all.