Fred Reed's essay — about international do-nothing-ism regarding the slaughter in Gaza

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15 November 2023



Gaza — Fred Reed's sourly reasonable essay



Fred Reed, Gaza: A Filler War Between Ukraine and China, (13 November 2023)



Think about this


I have pointed to international do-nothing-sim, regarding Gaza, before.


Lots of emoted blather, but nothing constructive happens.



The reason for this tide of non-intervention?


Too much fear (among various nations and non-state groups) that their controlling Elites will lose their grip:



should they actually commit to


the military and economic losses


that would certainly occur


consequent upon initiating


'principled' interventions in or near Gaza.



Take Hezbollah's leader, Hassan Nasrallah, for instance


That guy says little of genuinely insightful import, yet he is continually credited (by some pundits) with having constructed a meaningful regional barrier to Israeli atrocities.


This so, despite Nasrallah's (arguably vapid) postponement of those slap-downs to take place at some unspecified distance down History's road.


In truth, Nasrallah is fearful of losing the organization that he heads to the foreseeable losses that attend any mass conflict.


No one in power (or rolling in money) wants to lose an elevated societal position, when the metaphorical army they lead gets substantively diminished by being hazarded in some obliteration-inviting way.


Look, for instance, at Nazi Boy Zelensky's whiny contortions in Ukraine.


Especially now that Ukraine's military and economic base has been pounded by the Russian Federation.


A bloody thumping that Zelensky, the United States and NATO intentionally provoked upon the mistaken belief that they all would substantively profit in the long run.



Big oops, there


Do not think that this lesson is unlearned in less potently barbaric (and moronic) places than the United States and Israel.


In short, only this planet's viciously most stupid and avaricious entities slaughter at will. Exactly Fred Reed's point.



The moral? — Ain't nobody gonna do nuthin'


Until a foreseeable (but complacently ignored) geopolitical mistake violently unsettles international complacency.


And when, reactively afterward, all the things that these cowardly-sluggard leaders were afraid of, will rage completely out of control.


Being proactive requires foresight, wisdom and courage.


All three of these traits are prominently absent among the world's current crop of influentially positioned leaders.


On that topic, Paul Craig Roberts wrote that:



Putin could have prevented the coming world war by quickly dispatching Ukraine in 2014 and by providing air defense systems for Syria, Lebanon, and Gaza against Israel and Washington’s air strikes.


The massive amounts of aircraft, air defense systems, warships, troops and nuclear missile submarines the US is pouring into the vicinity of Israel is not intended for use against Hamas.


The intent is to open up the Middle East for Greater Israel and to use Iran as a base from which to cause problems for Russia in Central Asia.


If this agenda succeeds, nuclear war is inevitable.


Putin is again sitting on his butt in the Middle East.


He does nothing while the US builds up massive military power in the region except aid Washington by preventing Iran and Hezbollah from acting when they had the initiative and would have succeeded.


© 2023 Paul Craig Roberts, The War for Greater Israel and Reassertion of US Hegemony Is About to Begin, (14 November 2023)



As I have suggested before, Putin lacks large-scale geopolitical vision and the venturesome courage necessary to implement it.


Astute though he is — in terms of looking backwards in History and seeing its effects upon the present — Putin is not much more than a talented political bean-manipulator and not-very-large potatoes piler.


He initiates (debatably) undersized, belatedly hesitant pokes, when large swift ones would be required in furthering a competently executed, wide-ranging defense of the Russian interests.



For example, Russia's current 'special military operation' in Ukraine has fallen geographically well short of its initially announced (counter-NATO) geopolitical reach.


Even though this shortfall in achieved goals is obvious, Russia continues to sit on its turtle-paced hind quarters.


All the above having taken place, even after Putin sat, doing nothing, during the previous 8 years of Ukraine-initiated killing of 14,000 Russian heritage people in the Donbas.


Not a exactly a person of decisive action, is he?



And now, with regard to the United States' armed forces build-up in the Middle East, Putin is extending his caution-inspired lack of vision to that inflamed region.


An apt student of painful experience, Putin is (arguably) not.


In the broader view, and from humanity's generalized perspective — there is no utility in sending a too-cautious, inaction-oriented butt-sitter — President Xi sadly included — to confront American Insanity's depredating reach.


I credit Putin and Xi with superior humanity, compared to neocon American and most European leaders — but with deficient ability, when it comes to vigorously and self-defensively throttling down Western imperialists' murdering ways.


I would not argue with the statement that the more humane one is, the less likely one is to have the foresight and skills necessary to strangle demonic neocon behavior into a humanity-benefiting paralysis.


Ergo, Paul Craig Roberts' concern about a made-more-likely, mistakes-based, exploding escalation.