Al Jazeera published a synopsis of the history underlying  the conflict that the West — and incipient Israel — started with Palestinians

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10 October 2023





Reacting to Hamas's current attack on Israel, Israel's minister of defense, Yoav Gallant, said that:



I have ordered a complete siege on the Gaza Strip.


There will be no electricity, no food, no fuel, everything is closed.


We are fighting human animals and we are acting accordingly.


© 2023 Emanuel Fabian, Defense minister announces ‘complete siege’ of Gaza: No power, food or fuel, The Times of Israel (10 October 2023)



If acted upon, this proposed war crime would be sadly typical of Israel's metaphorically reincarnated, redirected genocidal German Nazi energy.



I steal your land, kill your people, and then claim foul — when you fight back?


That sums the history of the imperial West's creation of Israel from Palestinian territory.


See, for instance:



Al Jazeera staff, What’s the Israel-Palestine conflict about? A simple guide, Al Jazeera (09 October 2023)



You will not find a reasonably accurate account, like the above-linked one, generated by the West.


Where the Israeli Lobby swings anti-Palestinian US power like a death-bestowing puppet.



For moral accuracy's sake, notice that


The West's and incipient Israel's murdering thievery against Palestinians began long before the Holocaust.


Thus, it was aimed at a people, who had nothing (at all) to do with the Holocaust (Shoah) or the satanic hatred underlying it.



The moral? — As Russia and China continually point out, these days . . .


. . . accurately remembering History results in legitimate justifications for rejecting the imperial Western powers.


Western powers that directly, and usually intentionally, created (and continue to create) History's turbulently deadly excesses.


Characteristically, the West will continue to milk the current — strategically foolish and morally indefensible innocents-murdering — Hamas attack on Israel, as an excuse to slaughter still more (mostly uninvolved) Palestinians.